Semantic Pill 26

Semantic Pill 26

 “Futuribili”, from Gartners Newsroom


2012 (DEC 2011)


Through 2015, more than 85 percent of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively exploit big data for competitive advantage.
Current trends in smart devices and growing Internet connectivity are creating significant increases in the volume of data available, but the complexity, variety and velocity with which it is delivered combine to amplify the problem substantially beyond the simple issues of volume implied by the popular term "big data." Collecting and analyzing the data is not enough — it must be presented in a timely fashion so that decisions are made as a direct consequence that have a material impact on the productivity, profitability or efficiency of the organization. Most organizations are ill prepared to address both the technical and management challenges posed by big data; as a direct result, few will be able to effectively exploit this trend for competitive advantage.


2013 See 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013


2014 (NOV/DEC 2013)


Predicts 2014: Apps, Personal Cloud and Data Analytics Will Drive New Consumer Interactions

22 November 2013

Mobile apps have become the official channel to drive content and services to consumers. Using big data collated via apps can drastically improve value to consumers. Businesses that develop data tracking and analytics will improve delivery to customers, increasing customer loyalty and acquisition.


Predicts 2014: Big Data

20 November 2013

Gartner's 2014 predictions explore how the developing maturity and awareness of big data impacts analytics, resources, data center infrastructure and consumer privacy. Enterprises must adapt to this quickly changing landscape to establish an analytical competitive advantage.


Predicts 2014: Cloud Computing Affects All Aspects of IT

4 December 2013

Gartner's 2014 cloud computing predictions shed light on the evolution of the concept as it continues its path toward becoming more and more integral to IT. IT organizations will need to monitor developments in order to adapt their cloud strategies to the realities of tomorrow.


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