Semantic Pill 1

Semantic Pill 1


We are going to start this series with a sort of “e-potpourri”. Please be patient! The list of terms down each pill is a piece of our tiny Basic Big Data Thesaurus alphabetically classified from numerals, and from A to Z. Each pill will deal with a small bunch of them so selecting one term at a time to generate the pill would be -probably- like picking them thematically at random. Take into account that I’m myself acquiring experience: my first impression when facing this first bunch was literally written as follows:

SEO activity; what’s an avatar; learning to ACT?; what’s DP?; what’s the meaning of Web Services; 3V as a metric, limited to 3?; what’s has to do Amazon with Big Data?; what’s the relation between Web Services and Big Data?.

My own experience told me those questions: of course I know what DP is but I never imagined a cocktail like:  exploring real and virtual worlds with 3V models, Search Engine Optimization, “learning to ACT”, deepening about avatar meanings, how to optimize massive retail and Asynchronous DP. It looks like we are immersed in exponentially expanding science fiction scenery where everything could happen. This experience is like to start an endurance test running 100 meters and at the end we are challenged to run a marathon.

Warning: in these type of experiences you never go back, it is a real series to be run serially and you should learn as much as possible from the pill you have at hand within no more than 30 minutes;