Semantic Pill 6

Semantic Pill 6



  • Curation, more specifically “data curation” is a concept not too much used until now in the IT arena; seen data as always changing tracks of human life, - the river never is the same- , it is a crucial asset; without data no history and without history no meaning; this point brings back old questions: has sense to keep and save all data?; is it equivalent a synthesis of data to its raw data?;
  • You should know something about DARPA, the Internet creator and first proprietary, at least to know something about its history since 1958 and Darpa and the Internet Revolution (PDF). By the way DARPA always managed Big Data (we have to be acquainted by reading these pills that Big Data is a relative concept within the “state of the art of the technology”;
  • DARPA again introduces a necessary concept to understand Big Data: Data Topology (see our Home); you should read something such as Data Topology for Dummies: we found one for beginners because this subject requires too much math abstraction and imagination. See below a paragraph of the article:


Suppose we have conducted 1000 experiments with a set of 100 various measurements in each. Then each experiment is a string of 100 numbers or simply a vector of dimension 100. The result is a collection of disconnected 1000 points (aka point cloud) in the 100-dimensional Euclidean space. It is impossible to visualize this data as any representation that one can see is limited to dimension 3….. 



 Source: Data Curation Life Cycle, as of UTexas



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