Semantic Pill 8

Semantic Pill 8



  • Development Informatics is a new field (2009) of Informatics applied to social problems and equivalent to ICT4D, Information Technologies four (4) Development (D). The subtle difference are in the approaches related to the interpretation of “Informatics” versus “ICT”, which stands for Information and Communications Technologies: the first acceptation focuses on European Cosmovision meanwhile  the second on American Cosmovision;
  • Distributed Parallel Architecture is something you need to know to manage large data sets: you may find here a research paper (2012) about it where you may compare three Big Data models-tools, namely MapReduce (Google), Hadoop (Apache) and HBase (Apache);
  • DP, Dynamic Programming deserves a special consideration as an old and always present intelligent approach to “Operations Research” and particularly to “Decision Problems”: its common sense approach is as follows:

In order to solve a complex problem of overlapped sub problems we need to know and solve parts of it and then try to solve the whole puzzle by combining solutions. From this reasoning depart at least two strategies: the “brute force” or naïve solving any sub problem each time is needed and a more intelligent solving each sub problem only once. This second approach is fundamental when the amount of overlapping sub problems grow exponentially as a function of the data set volume for example in genomics. See some interesting examples for beginners here.




Graph that illustrates “Finding the shortest path in a graph” using optimal substructure; a straight line indicates a single edge; a wavy line indicates a shortest path between the two vertices it connects (other nodes on these paths are not shown); the bold line is the overall shortest path from start to goal. From Dynamic Programming, Wikipedia




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