Semantic Pill 9

Semantic Pill 9



  • Emotional Intelligence regains its place within our “Tech Era”, emphasizing the communication power of gestures and attitudes see Edwin Friedman. We as spontaneous Web users are continuously building a new “semiotics” where semantic is one of its branches;
  • EaaS, for Everything as a Service, is a new term, rather ambiguous still: some companies like Hewlett Packard use it related to Cloud Services that at their turn look like a “bazaar”: please, as a sample take a look to its Piksel audiovideo; e-Bay Principal Architect Tom Fastner speaking at the Teradata Partners Conference held in Dallas, 23rd October 2012:

In monitoring their 100 million customers' interactions - from every button they click to every product they buy - eBay creates 12TB of data per day which is continually added to a 4 petabyte table containing 4tn rows of data. As long as the data is queried both by automatic monitoring systems and employees looking to find more meaning from it, data throughput reaches 100 petabytes (102,400 TB) per day.


  • Finally EU4ALL is an EU initiative for Accessing Lifelong Learning for Higher Education mainly sponsored by UNED Spain and Open University from UK. Its relationship with BD is indirect thru its connection with the ITC4D, Information and Technologies for Development already seen; 





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