Semantic Pill 12

Semantic Pill 12



  • HDFS architecture has been mentioned above as part of Hadoop: YOYOClouds define it as:


HDFS is a block-structured file system: individual files are broken into blocks of a fixed size. These blocks are stored across a cluster of one or more machines with data storage capacity. Individual machines in the cluster are referred to as DataNodes. A file can be made of several blocks, and they are not necessarily stored on the same machine; the target machines which hold each block are chosen randomly on a block-by-block basis. Thus access to a file may require the cooperation of multiple machines, but supports file sizes far larger than a single-machine DFS; individual files can require more space than a single hard drive could hold. If several machines must be involved in the serving of a file, then a file could be rendered unavailable by the loss of any one of those machines. HDFS combats this problem by replicating each block across a number of machines (3, by default).


  • HCP stand for Human Connectome Project, a NIH, National Institutes of Health  project about Neuroscience Research to build a “brain map of healthy humans” to “see more and better” its connectivity architecture and functionality to shed light on brain disorders such as dyslexia, autism, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia;
  • House the World is global project to “house the world” in the sense of housing for all focusing on durability and affordability, see New Architectural Design, finding solutions for the extremely poor;
  • ICT4D has been considered in several previous pills however this discipline may open our minds to see (Mobile and Development) how advanced technologies could be more usable and efficient for the poor and people with disabilities than for the rich and health; igoogle discontinuity is a demonstration of the ephemeral nature of the Internet projects: big Internet masses behave as without having “inertia” with the subtleness of the “nothing and when something stops its growth it starts to die!;


HDFS architecture, by YOYO Clouds