Semantic Pill 13

Semantic Pill 13



  • LSST that stands for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is “widest, fastest, deepest eye of the new digital age”:


The 8.4-meter LSST will survey the entire visible sky deeply in multiple colors every week with its three-billion pixel digital camera, probing the mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy, and opening a movie-like window on objects that change or move rapidly: exploding supernovae, potentially hazardous near-Earth asteroids, and distant Kuiper Belt Objects.


  • LFE, Learn From Everyone is A knowledge sharing initiative launched by young Chinese, from Ministry of Tofu, China: it proposes something as old as our civilization: knowledge and wisdom is in any place and at any moment at any culture and even in any creature;
  • Legal citation and claims is closely related to news areas as The Practice of Law in the age of Big Data;
  • Linked Data is a term coined by Tim Berners Lee the Web creator making reference to uses of structured data and closely related to LOD, Linked Open Data, a Community Project at its turn related to Data Commons and Open Knowledge: all these initiatives are oriented to build a Semantic Web, as structured as possible;    




Example of a piece of LinkedData, as per Wikipedia