Semantic Pill 17

Semantic Pill 17



  • Go to Mobile massively: the UIC, University of Chicago thru its Office of Technology Management has launched a program to encourage and help students to create their own Apps for Development and Deployment using IOS, iPhone OS and Android OS;


  • MSL, Multilinear Subspace Learning, is a family of ideas and applications to “see more and better” large multidimensional objects: most objects are multidimensional (relative to our visual capacity limited to 3D): Most big data sets are multidimensional with objects rarely distributed highly redundant and noisy and for these reasons techniques of dimensionality reduction are used map high-dimensional data to a low-dimensional space while retaining as much information as possible. We recommend reviewing Matlab, you are going to need it, and specifically about Matlab Tensor Box;


  • Super Computing The Climate NASA’s Big Data Mission, a CSC article about the NCCS Discover supercomputing cluster, which ranks among the top 100 supercomputers in the world, plays a central role in NASA’s earth science mission and is the main system used for processing jobs that require significant computing resources. To put in numbers some goals: Discover can compute in one day three simulated days in the life of the Earth at one of the highest resolutions ever attained — about 3.5-kilometer global resolution, or about 3.6 billion grid cells. The center’s current “stretch” goal is to generate in one day a computation that covers 365 days at 1-km global resolution;



 NASA Brings “Big Data” to the Cloud, by the USRA, Universities Space Research Associations