Semantic Pill 18

Semantic Pill 18



  • Infectious Diseases following natural disasters, another big scenario, from NLM, The National library of Medicine, NIH, National Institute of Health: this article will trigger on our mind something “metadata related” that is we found on it something valuable for our Web Semantic eLearning process: the “tag” MeSH which stands for Medical Subject Headings, that belong to the NLM Controlled Vocabulary of the PubMed Thesaurus, something like a Web Thesaurus! This article says (abstract):


Natural disasters may lead to infectious disease outbreaks when they result in substantial population displacement and exacerbate synergic risk factors (change in the environment, in human conditions and in the vulnerability to existing pathogens) for disease transmission. We reviewed risk factors and potential infectious diseases resulting from prolonged secondary effects of major natural disasters that occurred from 2000 to 2011.


  • Within Natural Disasters are some ones closely related to visible Earth  changes like for instance the Weather, see the image below in Natural Disaster and Extreme Weather, a collection of environmental articles published by The Guardian (UK) like Australia links 'angry summer' to climate change – at last!;


  • The navigation paradox deals with collision risk in navigation via any object either real or virtual: aircraft, ships, cars. A paradox could be either a valid or not valid argument but helps as a tool of analysis and to enhance our critics. For example when talking about the incidence of navigation risks as a function of technology and people awareness of it (how well they use it) we may easily arrive to - or driven to- contradictions like that for the best technology with an excellent level of awareness may create at large risk scenarios.




Extreme Weather and Global Warming are linked, The Guardian