Semantic Pill 23

Semantic Pill 23




WalmartLabs defines the "Social Genome" as "a giant knowledge base that captures entities and relationships of the social world." Wal-Mart has spent the last few years building this in-house Social Genome, part public data, part private data, "and a lot of social media." Tweets, Facebook messages, blog posts, You Tubes, it’s all streaming into Wal-Mart. Streaming in so fast, that WalmartLabs created something they call Muppet, a solution for processing Fast Data, using large clusters of machines. The Labs describes the Social Genome as their "crown jewel."\


  • Social Media Listening has been extensively dealt in previous pill. We aggregate that it will soon become an art and a science. In the figure below the necessary “feedback” loop is missing at any step threading a sort of feedback embedding and is also missing something like a wise guiding invisible hand well acquainted about how we humans document our opinions and messages, perhaps a Human Documentation Ontology;



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  • Social Genome, related to Wal-Mart social genome a Wal-Mart/facebook project related to BD;
  • Social listening, see SML;
  • Social media listening;
  • Social Media Monitoring, see SMM;
  • solid state drive, see SSD;
  • SSD, Solid State Drive;